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viaclaudioThe Master of Science in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering (StreGa) is a two-years Master of Engineering course offered by the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture of University of Naples Federico II (UNINA).
The program aims to train experts with special attention to topics such as earthquake engineering, innovative structural materials, retrofit and upgrading of existing constructions, innovative systems of structural control, novel monitoring and diagnostic technologies, advanced technologies for foundation and excavation engineering, seismic geotechnical engineering and wind engineering.
The various range of skills acquired by the StreGa graduates can find applications related to the following types of structures and infrastructures: residential buildings, industrial plants, road and rail infrastructure (bridges, viaducts, tunnels), hydraulic works (dams and reservoirs), sport facilities, marine facilities both inshore and offshore, shallow and deep foundations, supporting structures, loose materials embankments, underground constructions.
The importance of guaranteeing safety for the structures of interest, in the light of the relevance and the complexity of the seismic actions, underlines the need for obtaining accurate risk estimates. Such risk estimates are going to be used for design, retrofit and maintenance programming of new and existing buildings and infrastructure.
This creates a comprehensive and complex setting for StreGa graduates, who as highly trained professional figures, are going to be provided with the necessary theoretical and scientific knowledge required for carrying on and managing complex design activities. They will be able to plan, design and supervise the various construction and retrofitting phases for buildings, industrial plants, bridges and other road/railway/infrastructures, water containment structures like dams and tanks, and coastal and off-shore structures.
The program is designed to create a multi-cultural educational environment that aims to provide the students with a rigorous technical basis and to boost their decision-making and leadership potentials. Students will have the opportunity to choose whether to specialize in a specific sector with high level of knowledge, or alternatively to acquire a broader range of skills which will provide them sufficient flexibility for facing the challenges of the job market.
The main potential employers of StreGa’s graduates are national and multi-national construction companies, engineering and consulting firms, public authorities and research institutions. Last but not least, self-employment and running one’s own company or office is another viable field of activity for StreGa’s graduates.
Examples of professional job opportunities and career paths for StreGa’s graduates are:

  • Executive positions in governmental agencies and construction firms
  • Designer positions for ordinary and special structures
  • Designer positions for geotechnical works
  • Risk analyst for insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Catastrophe modeller for insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Design of safety systems for industrial plants
  • Design of interventions for the stability of the territory
  • Rehabilitation design for the built environment
  • Responsible for quality and safety-checking of critical facilities
  • Consultant of public stakeholders for land-use planning
  • Consultant for private and public bodies in general


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