Q: If I make a modification to my study plan in the window September/October, can I still graduate in the December of the same year?

A: No. Any change to the study plan implies enrollment in the successive academic year with all the related consequences on the courses included in the modification. More specifically, the exams for the courses introduced as a modification can be booked in the sessions after the courses are completed. This means that, for I semester courses, one can book an exam not before the session of month of March or in the extraordinary session (if available) or in month of May sessions. For second semester courses involved in the modification, the first available session will be in the month of June.


Q: How can one obtain more information on taxes, contributions, full or partial tax exemption and benefits?

A: More information regarding these issues can be found on the website of the university at the section: Enrollment Regulations and benefits.


Q: How many units an internship consists of?

A: For students enrolled after academic year 2014-2015, the internship is fixed at 9 units (obligatory). The internship can consist of anything between 0 to 18 units for students who have enrolled before 2014-2015. In other words, for students enrolled before 2014-2015 the internship could also be omitted in favour of course works.


Q: I have already done a course called Fondazioni (The foundations). Do I still have to follow the exam of Fondazioni (in Italian) or Foundations (in English) obligatory for StreGa?

A: Yes.


Q: I have deficit in the area of Mathematics (Matematica, Mat04/05). How I can recover?

A: You can recover by taking a course of maths from sectors Mat 03/05 or Mat 07. However, you should verify with one of the referent faculty members for the study plans.


Q: I have completed 0 units in Hydraulics/Hydraulic Constructions (ICAR01/02). How I can recover?

A: You can recover with the cours Principi di funzionamento e gestione delle reti idriche in pressione (Principles of operation and management of water networks under pressure, 12 units, in Italian) three-year bachelor’s degree in Project and Infrastructure Management (Gestionale Progetti e Infrastrutture). This course is consisted of two sub-modules (6 units each): Idraulica di base e delle correnti in pressione (basics of hydraulics and of currents under pressure) and Gestione delle reti idriche in pressione (management of water networks under pressure).


Q: I have got my bachelor’s degree in Project and Infrastructure Management. I have followed the course Tecnica delle Costruzioni I (Structural Engineering I, 9 units, in Italian) and Management and Maintenance of Structures (6 units, in Italian). Should I also follow Tecnica delle costruzioni II (Structural Engineerng II, in Italian) in order to be eligible for StreGa?

A: Since the course Management and Maintenance of Structures (6 units, in Italian) and Tecnica delle costruzioni II (Structural Engineering II, in Italain) have similar contents, there is no need to take also Tecnica delle costruzioni II (Structural Engineerng II, in Italian) in order to be eligible for StreGa.


Q: I have a three-year bachelor in Construction Engineering and have followed 0 units in Geotechnical Engineering (ICAR07). How I can recover this deficit?

A: There are two options: (1) Taking the course Fondamenti di Geotecnica (Fundaments of Geotechnical Engineering, 12 units, in Italian, Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering); 2) Taking the course Fondamenti di geotecnica (Fundaments of Geotechnical Engineering, 9 units, in Italian, Bachelor’s Degree in Environment and Territory).


Q: I have a bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering and would like to be enrolled in StreGa. I have done 6 units as Geotecnica (Geotechnical Engineering, in Italian). How I can recover my deficit of 3 units?

A: You can recover the three units by using the boxes (3,6,10,11) of form A of the study plan to take extra coursework in sector ICAR/07.


Q: I have acquired 0 units in the sector Transport/Construction of Roads and Railways (ICAR04/05). How can I recover?

A: You can take the course Costruzioni di Strade (Road Construction, in Italian, 9 units).


Q: I have passed only 6 units in Costruzioni Idrauliche (Hydraulic Constructions, in Italian, ICAR/02) how can I recover my deficit of another 6 units in the sector Idraulica/Costruzioni Idrauliche (Hydraulics/Hydraulic Constructions, ICAR/01 e ICAR/02)?

A: You have to take a course of Hydraulics of 9 units from the booklet of courses offered in the program of Bachelor in Civil Engineering or Bachelor in Environment and Territory.


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