viaclaudioThe MSc degree course in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering has as its purpose the training of a professional expert in the design and construction of the supporting structures of the civil works and the geotechnical analysisof related issues. Many are the areas of intervention of the Graduates: residential and services construction, buildings and industrial plants, road and rail infrastructure (bridges, viaducts, tunnels), hydraulic works (dams and reservoirs), great sports facilities, marine facilities both inshore and offshore, shallow and deep foundations, supporting structures, loose materials embankments, underground construction. The importance of the full guarantee of security for the above mentioned works, the prevalence of many of them, as well as the relevance and increasing attention to the seismic issues, with the consequent need for detailed estimates of risk for the design, consolidation and repair of existing buildings (rundown buildings, historic centers), create a comprehensive and complex field of intervention for our Graduates. Therefore, the courses will provide the techniques and scientific basis to deal with this sector's problems. The student will have the opportunity to choose whether to specialize in a sectoral figure with high level of knowledge, or acquire a broader range of skills useful to face with enough flexibility the challenges of the job market.

The specific formative targets are aimed at the formation of an accomplished cultural and  professional figure, addressed to the working world and characterized by a solid basic education, a good education in the fundamental areas of application and a deeper culture in specific application and professional areas of Civil Engineering. Our Graduate will be a conscious and critical professional figure, provided with the necessary theoretical and scientific knowledge qualified to set up, carry on and manage even complex design activities, with a strong capability to design proposition and operational / managerial skills.

The main career opportunities for graduates may be as independent professional or the employment in enterprises, public and private companies, professional firms, engineering companies, service companies. Examples of possible job opportunities are:

  • Executive in government agencies, organizations and societies, construction industries and companies
  • Designer of ordinary and special structures
  • Designer of geotechnical works
  • Designer of safety systems of settlements and industrial plants
  • Designer of interventions for the stability of the territory
  • Designer for the recovery and rehabilitation of building and territory
  • Responsible for quality and safety
  • Consultant for private and public bodies


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